Fight 2 Fitness: Uniting Efficiency, Affordability and Sports Legacy


Fight 2 Fitness is a unique fitness centre with an emphasis on group training, providing high performance and accessibility for all fitness levels. Opened in May 2011 by Rich and Alyssa Gingras, this fitness facility is the result of not only their entrepreneurial spirit, but also Rich’s rich athletic heritage in boxing.

Key aspects:

Group workouts for everyone: With a focus on collective inspiration, Fight 2 Fitness provides workout programmes suitable for all fitness levels. The group dynamic creates an atmosphere of interaction and support, encouraging each participant to reach their goals.

Affordable: Understanding how important access to fitness is, especially with over a decade of experience in the industry, Fight 2 Fitness offers memberships for as little as $50 per month. This includes not only workouts, but also personal guidance from experienced trainers and support from the community.

Rich Gingras Sports Legacy: Owner Rich Gingras, a former boxing champion with an impressive athletic background, brings his experience and passion to the fitness world. His boxing accomplishments serve as inspiration for members, creating a unique amalgamation of sports heritage and fitness.

Fight 2 Fitness is not just a fitness gym; it’s a community where fight energy, workout accessibility, and athletic heritage combine to inspire people on their journey to health and fitness.

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